Toy Tin Soldier is Scottish indie rock singer songwriter Joe Gallacher, formerly of Mr.Kil. Joe’s solo journey has been supported by a revolving door of incredible musicians that he has worked with over the years, whilst touring with the likes of Hue & Cry, Turin Brakes and Martha Wainwright.

Joe was born in the outskirts of Glasgow in the small village of Blantyre. Born into a working class family, music became an escapism from the realities of being a teenage in the 90’s. Pretty soon he was in love with all sorts of bedrock music, particularly rock, blues, country and of course the 90’s Brit Pop era. Inspired by melodic Kings such as Noel Gallagher, Bruce Springsteen and more recently Foy Vance.

Toy Tin Soldier was born soon after returning from a year long stay in Brighton. Finding himself with a collection of songs with no outlet, Joe pulled together musician mates to go into the studio to ‘let’s see what happens’. What started off as a bit of fun soon evolved into a creative collaboration with real chemistry.

Joe possesses a rare ability to create music, although intensely personal, leaving it just vague enough that people can see themselves in it, therefore seeming a little more timeless.

Toy Tin Soldier’s second album ‘Yield’ was released in late 2016 with a mix of music, ranging from gentle folk to soulful rock mixed with a little bit of punk. An album of the unexpected.